Welcome to Northwest Recovery Centers

To Family and Friends

Dependence on alcohol and drugs is our most serious national public health problem. It is prevalent among rich and poor, in all regions of the country, and all ethnic and social groups. Millions of Americans misuse or are dependent on alcohol or drugs. Most of them have families that suffer the consequences, often serious, of living with this illness.

If there is alcohol or drug dependence in your family, remember you are not alone. Most individuals who abuse alcohol and drugs have jobs and are productive members of society creating a false hope in the family that "it's not that bad." The problem is that addiction tends to worsen over time, both hurting the addicted person and all the family members. It is especially damaging to young children and adolescents. People with this illness really may believe that they drink normally or that "everyone" takes drugs. These false beliefs are called denial; this denial is part of the illness.

To Employers

When workers with substance use disorders get treatment both employers and employees benefit through:

  1. Better employee health and lower total healthcare costs over time
  2. Less absenteeism
  3. Improved job performance
  4. Reduce costs associated with short and long term disability and workers' compensation
  5. Fewer accidents and less corporate liability

We use comprehensive treatment approaches that are evidence based to produce results:

  • MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy)
  • Interactive Journaling
  • Individual sessions
  • Family sessions

Your confidentiality is protected by both federal and state regulations.